Top Dog Daycare


Our services range from doggy daycare to dog grooming.

DayCare Services:
Dogs are social animals! Most dogs desire interaction and crave attention. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and getting the healthy socialization and stimulation they crave.

Grooming Services:
Prior to picking up your pet from his/her active day, you can schedule for grooming services allowing them to come home to you looking sharp and smelling good.

Payment Options:
Payment is expected at time of service. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks and cash payments.


Single Dog Multiple Dog (2 or more)
Daily Pass $25/day $46/day = $23/day per dog
5 Day Pass $115 = $23/day $210 = $21/day per dog
10 Day Pass $220 = $22/day $400 = $20/day per dog
Monthly Pass (avg 22 days/mo) $420 = $19/day per dog


1/2 DAY PASS = 5 hr. or less

Single Dog Multiple Dog (1/2 day)
1/2 Day Pass $16/day $28/day = $14/day per dog
5 1/2 Day Pass $75 = $15/day $130 = $13/day per dog
10 1/2 Day Pass $140 = $14/day $240 = $12/day per dog



5 Day Pass 60 day expiration
10 Day Pass 90 day expiration
Monthly Pass 1st of month until the end of same month